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*My Doctor just does not get it

*I'm afraid to push hard during sport

*I want my freedom to live again

*I cannot see a way past the Op

*I am afraid of anesthesia

*I lost my confidence?

Personal Development

For every Kind of Mental Stress

*I have negative self-worth & talk

*I want to lose & keeping this weight off

*My partner & children are difficult

*I have commitment issues

*I'm in so much debt!

Professional Development

At Every Situation.

*I'm anxious around my boss

*I need help managing work stress

*I want to progress up the career ladder

*Time management help!

*I've low & negative self-belief


Let's Find Your Meaning


Do you feel unfulfilled?

Don’t worry. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

What if I told you that you can satisfy your wants and needs and turn your dreams into a reality – regardless of your gender, your age, or your life circumstances?

It’s never too late.

By visiting this site, you’ve taken the first step to chart a path towards feeling happy and fulfilled.

Well done!

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Services That We Offer

1-2-1 Consultation

For an individualized program

This is a personalized program built around your specific needs. I offer a custom-made program with weekly coaching in person and or via video (Zoom/ Google Meet). We get clear on what you want and what is important to YOU so you can chart your personal path forward to living the life you want. I offer 24-hour responses to all contact via text and email.

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Group Consultation

For comfort in numbers

As human beings, we’re all different, including different belief systems, hopes and dreams, and different roles in our personal and professional lives. One thing is for sure though, we’re social animals at heart. For those who prefer to be around others as they work on themselves, you can take advantage of group coaching to achieve personal and professional development, growth, and positive change.

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Online ONLY Consultation

For convenience where you are

I use technology to connect with people and help bridge the gap between their present life and their future desires irrespective of physical location. I have clients spread across the world from Dubai to Los Angeles (USA), to Auckland (New Zealand), to Lausanne (Switzerland), and Johannesburg (South Africa).

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Support Group

For social support

We have found that when people take the time to slow down for a moment to rediscover their strengths and develop their self-awareness, they can find their way again. Thanks to modern technology and globalization we can all support each other from wherever we are. I have a small online community that helps support each other through all the different life challenges we face. There is comfort in numbers sometimes. Join us.

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Clients Testimonials

What an absolutely Godfearing man you are Nyasha!! So selfless, kind, caring, and considerate. Our convos over a coffee at "Attibassi" which lead to life coaching have had an incredibly profound impact on my life. I am now a more confident and courageous woman. Still a work-in-progress but much more functional lol.

I had no personal goals, no financial goals, no general direction for my life. Thank you Nigel for helping me realize I need to dream big. And what I want is actually doable.

Coach helped me unpack years of miseducation, redefine my relationship with food (& emotions), and above all realize my worth (willpower). It’s a Judgement free zone for life-transforming conversations. ❤️👏🏽

Nyasha’s life coaching has honestly brought such a breath of fresh air into my life, he’s helped me look at situations in life a whole new way, he has taught me how important mindsets are and how to change my own, and I am honestly so grateful.

Life coaching was not something that ever appealed to me until I discovered that I had a misconception of what it meant to have a life coach. Nyasha had always been a friend. He drew me in persistently and held me accountable for our sessions. The start of our journey was painful and difficult with my perspective and victim glasses on. He never gave up or let me stray, he was relentless in the best way.


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Know About Me


Nyasha (Nigel) SCRATCH

Not too long ago, I had open-heart surgery. I was hooked up to a bypass machine, my faulty organ was replaced, and tiny pedals were used to restart my heart. The joys of modern technology gave me a second chance. As I awoke from my induced slumber, I was overwhelmed at my second chance. It was the catalyst I needed to kickstart (pun intended!) the new chapter of my life.

What I’ve come to realize is that not everyone has this opportunity. A line in the sand that can separate past issues and the potential the future has to offer. 

I help you draw that line, create your second chance, and embrace all the wonders of what life has to offer

2+ Years
100+ Happy